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In the wine and spirits industry it seems as though everything has won an award by some tasting panel or achieved a 90+ rating from some uptight dude in a bowtie. You can’t swing a jump rope without hitting someone who gave that bottle a gold star. Perhaps all these options are the cat’s meow. It has been my experience that not all, but certainly a lot of the hype is just that… marketing.  

Here at HWL, we use our own stamp – Stu’s Stamp of Approval. Who is Stu? He is the owner and he makes it his life’s work to find good stuff, no matter the price point. Trust us, he tries a lot of products each and every week. So, in order to get Stu’s Stamp, the wine or spirit must drink WAY above its price point or be worthy of a lofty price tag with which it is associated. What the hell does that mean, you ask? If a $15 bottle of wine tastes like a bottle for that price should taste like, no stamp. If that $15 bottle tastes like it should cost $30…BINGO, he stamps it! If that $150 bottle of bourbon separates itself as “one of the ones” that is just that good, BOOM, he stamps it! If it isn’t worth every penny and then a little extra, no stamp. It doesn’t mean it isn’t good, it just means the price to value ratio might be a bit lacking. If it’s got Stu’s Stamp, he is bringing it home and you should too. Pro-tip: buy two because you’re going to be surprised how quickly that bottle goes!

Stu's Stamp: Welcome
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